Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Crocheted Shell Stitch Baby Blanket

I have a confession: Months and months and months ago I had such an urge to crochet a baby blanket. I don't like making things without a purpose so I thought about who I could make one for? Random coworker I don't really know too well? "Friend" from high school who just announced on Facebook that she was pregnant? No, no...that's just too weird ...

"Hey, I don't know you too well but here's this thing I spent hours and hours on for your baby I will probably never meet."

A crochet blanket is a lot of work and anytime I set out to crochet something for someone I like to make sure it's for someone who will appreciate it. That being said, it was perfect timing for Cameron at Krug the Thinker to announce her pregnancy. Still a bit weird since I don't actually know her personally but I adore her blog and I knew she would totally appreciate it. And it was just so neat to read all her pregnancy updates. It was like I was along for the ride...definitely kept up my motivation to finish the blanket in time.

I've been meaning to post pictures of this blanket for a while but I'm just now getting around to it. Truthfully, it's perfect timing since the baby was born this past week! So, without further ado...

Apparently I lost all the photos I took and these are all I have left so these will have to do. I loved making this blanket. It was easy, it was gorgeous, I love how the yarn looks! (It was quite the yarn eater though since I used two strands to make it go quicker.)

Here's the stats:

Quick(ish) Shell Stitch Baby Blanket

  • Yarn: Tons of  Simply Soft Paints in Spring Brook and a little bit of Simply Soft Medium Country Blue for the border. (I lost count on the # of skeins but it was seriously like 8-10 skeins.)
  • Hook Size: Don't quote me, but I'm pretty sure it was a Boye Crochet Hook, Size K
  • Time: 2-3 months. But honestly it was probably only about 1-2 weeks of daily crocheting. I would work on it in spurts.
  • Size: 36in x 34in (ish.) I think that's about right. I don't remember exact measurements. I actually think it was a bit larger than that. I just know that it wasn't as long as anticipated but I had given up buying more yarn. Lol.
  • Fun: 8/10. Would have been more fun had it hooked up a tad quicker but it went pretty quick for two strands. I think was really made it awesome was the yarn. If you see the blanket in real life it looks like your staring into an ocean of crochet. I think it's a very relaxing color palette and pattern to look at.
  • Pattern (ish): I didn't really use a pattern. It's just a simple shell stitch with a couple rows of HDC border except I used two strands to make it thicker and quicker to work up.
  • Help: Stitchin' Mommy has a similar blanket with tutorial. Also, here's a video if you like that sort of thing better.
Happy I could share with you! And super happy for Krug the Thinker's new bundle of joy. If you'd like to see more of my crochet projects click here.

-Mrs. 246

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  1. It's totally not weird at all! You are just an incredibly sweet person! We adore the blanket, and the yarn is so perfect. It really does look like the ocean, which is so amazing because of the map theme in the nursery. We will treasure it forever. Thank you so much, sweet friend!