Thursday, July 31, 2014

Patchwork Granny Blanket

I'm not sure if you guys remember the Summer Garden Throw I made for Luna's first birthday last year, but I had a ton of yarn left over when I was done. I also immediately went into project withdrawal and needed something to work on right away. I got to work right away on making this beauty and a little over a year later, it's done!

I worked on it off and on (truthfully more "off" than "on") throughout the whole past year. Maybe TV shows were watched while making this blanket. Also, a lot of Harry Potter audio books. Hehe.

I love the end result though...88 Squares later, here it is in all its glory!

Of course once you finish a big project like this you must prance it about with you take pictures. How would it look in a chair? How about with a matching pillow? Folded up?

And for those who are are the stats:

Patchwork Granny Square Blanket:
  • Yarn: Tons of leftover Simply Soft Yarns
  • Hook Size: If you look closely you'll see I didn't use the same size hook for the whole thing. Ugh. I started off with my favorite 4.25mm hook but then around Christmas I got the awesome Clover Hook Set and switched to a 4.00mm hook. I didn't think it would make so much of a difference but you can kinda tell one side is skinnier.
  • Time: One year off and on. If I worked on it consistently then it probably took about 2-3 months.
  • Size: 42in x 58in
  • Fun: 6/10. I tend to think of really large projects like this as not so much fun. It's super fun at first, then it becomes a battle of discipline, perseverance, and dedication.
  • Pattern (ish): I used the Granny Patchwork Tutorial Lucy made from Attic24.
  • Help: Click on the links above for help!
Bonus shot! Lucy is right...this blanket totally is reminiscent of Elmer, the Patchwork elephant:

I must have a problem because I just started another project (another copy cat version of Attic24's Granny Stripe Blanket) this past week. A queen sized granny stripe blanket. I may not be done for two years or so at the rate I work on things. Follow me on instagram (twofortysix) to watch the progress on my crochet projects. You can also click here to see some of the other crochet projects I've done.

I know the Attic24 designs are pretty darn popular about you? Have you made one? Link to it in the comments, I'd love to see it!

-Mrs. 246

*Affiliate links used when possible. I do receive a (very) small amount of commission which will probably be used to buy more craft supplies. ;)

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