Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 1: Thirty Days of Lists

September 1st! Today marks the first day of  "30 Days of Lists." #30lists is a list-along type project where you are given a prompt each day for the whole month of September and you display and keep your list in any way you choose: jotting it down real quick in a notebook, scrapbooking each list, digitally recording your lists, ect.

You can read about my listing plans in this post. I'll be doing mine within my Project Life book by writing each list on a 3x4in or 4x6in card.

I'm going to try to keep up with posting my lists every day or so. And I don't plan on writing too much about the lists, because they pretty much speak for themselves most of the time.

Here's day one: "What's new so far this year?"

I had to think hard for this one. At first I thought, "Well, nothing's really new this year..." but then I remembered that whole wedding and getting married thing....duh!

I'll be back tomorrow with another prompt!

Want to see more lists? Search for the hashtag "#30lists" on Instagram or Pinterest to see more! Or you can go to the #30lists Flickr Group. And if you're a Twitter user, you can check out even more lists here.

-Mrs. 246


  1. You are so creative with paper crafts! I'm not patient enough for it. Love reading your list!

    1. Thanks! I've just started getting into papercrafting. I've tried scrapbooking in the past and HATED it because I would literally spend hours on a layout that features two pictures. It's just not doable. Somehow this Project Life format is working for me though!