Sunday, September 22, 2013

Days 18-22: Thirty Days of Lists

I'm getting close to the end. Can I just say how much I love the look of all of the lists together in a Project Life layout? So awesome. I'm really excited I decided to do that. Alright...I have four more lists today and I'll all caught up with posting since my break. Here we go:

Day 18

Does this list look a little empty to you? I was a bit put off that this list happened to fall on a 4x6 layout instead of a 3x4 because I don't have much to put on this list. I just really don't like asking for help. 

I'm really particular about how I like things to be and if I ask for help it's either more work than just doing it myself (because I have to explain everything and I get really bossy and it's terrible for my relationships) or I'm secretly upset because it isn't done the way I like it. 

Am I revealing too much about myself here? It's really quite terrible, isn't it? Well, a lot of this project deals with learning about yourself and self reflection and it's definitely doing that.

A lot of these qualities are what I strive to be. I just thought of one more thing just now: I really like it when someone is really particular or has a really strong interest in a particular thing. It's kind of hard to explain. I just like it when someone has a "thing," like if someone had a "thing" for collecting panda objects because they really like pandas (really random choice, I know). Then this person has to buy a particular plate because it has a panda on it and they really like pandas. I think it may stem from the fact that I have so many things I'm interested in it just really calms my soul to know that there are people that can pledge allegiance to a particular thing or hobby or habit. I think I'm a bit envious of it.

Also, this list looks a little unfinished because I had forgotten to add something. I couldn't think of the word for what I wanted to write. What's it called when someone has a strong backbone about things? Strong willed? I don't know if that's quite the right word so that's why I left it blank until I could figure out what word I'm thinking of.

I think the most comforting thing on this list (besides my family, of course) is that I'm re-reading HP (again, haha). I've had the urge for a while but I've been putting it off. I really like re-reading it in the winter months. It's just so perfect to get cuddled up after a fresh bath or shower and crawl into bed and dive into the wizarding world. It's the perfect escape. To the perfect place. (I don't think I've mentioned it in the blog yet, but I am so so so so so excited for the new movie!)

This prompt made me laugh when I read it. What a joke. Lol. My diet isn't too terrible. I think a lot of my issues is portion control. We like to eat large quantities of food but most of the time the actual food we're eating isn't too terrible. Oh, and cheese. We've joked before that cheese (all kinds of cheese) is pretty much its own food group in our house.

I'm not gonna lie, I made this card the night before last and I had a pretty interesting dream last night that I'm disappointed didn't make it onto this card. I had a dream that Ryan was injured in some sort of accident at the mall and it left him in a pretty bad condition. (As I retold the dream to Ryan he says he was injured in a mall kiddie train accident, haha.) For some reason - with the disabilities he had when he was recovering, he would fit or make it in doors so they gave him a fenced in area to live in while he recovered. We were apparently living on a college campus so his fenced-in cage was on campus and students would see him as they walked to class and it was mighty awkward so I would only visit him at night. Ryan was not pleased that dream-Alex did this. Oh well. Pretty weird though, right?

Woooo! Caught up! Also: Happy First Day of Fall!!! I feel like I should do something to celebrate but I haven't decided on what yet. Hmmm....

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-Mrs. 246

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  1. I love the look of your lists:) I am going to be so sad when the 30 days is over! I hope all the job stuff is going very well!