Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 12-17: Thirty Days of Lists (PL Layout Included!)

TA-DA! The second page of my 30 Days of Lists is done! Pretty, right? My last #30days update ended on Day 11 so we'll get caught up. 

Side note: I'm back! I had a short bout of depression and a severe case of the "blahs" but I'm back now! (I'm pretty sure it was induced from a new medication I was taking. Went off of it and now I'm back to normal. If only every bad mood was as easy of a fix.) Thanks for the little break. Also, I took a break from reading some blogs too so if I've been silent, I apologize. Everyone needs a little break every now and then. :)

Alright, down to business. Here's Day 12...

Now, September isn't my favorite month at all (other than school starting...I loved school starting!). I think my favorite part of September is pretty much the fact that I'm one step closer to the time of year I really love: October, fall, and Christmastime! :)

While I was writing out this list I asked Ryan for some input and apparently I have a lot more than 5 but this was all that I could fit on the 3x4 card. Haha. #3 is probably the most bothersome. I get slightly jealous of people who are a bit more of "dreamers" but at the same time I can't help but secretly thinking "Oh that is never going to work out." I know, I'm terrible. That's why it's a bad habit, right?

Day 14

Our weekends are all pretty much the same. It may be lame and not very exciting to others but we're homebodies and we have a small child so our options are limited. I love the weekend though. It recharges me so I can tolerate another working week. :)

Day 15

This one's pretty self explanatory. That's pretty much everything in our junk drawer too. Mr. 246 cleaned it out a week or two ago and this is all that remains. Now that I'm typing this up...I totally should have taken a picture too. Oh well.

I had a hard time choosing who I would pick for this list but in the end Ryan won. "My Warning Signs" refers to the signs I emit when I'm overwhelmed or done with something and not feeling well, or I'm about to turn into a pumpkin. He knows them all. 

He's just that good. The "puddles" refer to the pitcher of water we keep on the counter. I'll admit it...sometimes I'm too lazy to get water if the "puddle" is empty since it takes so long to fill up a cup. (We have a filter thing on our tap.) Therefore the puddle must always be filled otherwise I'm probably getting slightly dehydrated. (Ryan chose "puddle" as a reference to dogs drinking out of puddles. Lol.) 

The green light refers to the Wiimote charging station in bedroom. It has a green light when it's charging at night and it's ridiculous. It seriously lights up the whole room. It's terrible. He's heard me bitch about it enough. Haha.

The Luna one is pretty self explanatory.

"Sleep equations" is what we call my sleeping process. I have a ridiculous amount of things that must be in place before I can sleep. (i.e. proper pillows, proper blanket, proper temperature, proper positioning, my "double eye patch", ect...)

Day 17

I got excited about this one but slightly overzealous by making so many spots on the grid but I do like the grid form for listing. It's a bit different.

Okay, so I'm getting caught up. I'm going to have another post in a while or so to get caught up. Woooooo!!

Want to learn more about my list project/"30 Days of Lists"? Please visit my original post to learn more!

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-Mrs. 246

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