Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blogging Again!

 Hello there! Long time no blog, right? 

I've written this post about 20 times in my head over the past month or so. It's my explanation of where I've gone, why I left, and what I'm doing back.

My last entry was in November. Quite a long time ago. The holiday season was just starting and I got BUSY. I had just started a new job, I was up to my ears in Christmas crafting for gifts and I just couldn't keep up with life and a blog. Then, even when Christmas was over I still didn't come back and here's my confession: I am a hobby/interest addict who frantically runs around and then pouts because there just isn't enough time to do everything I want to do. 

Many times you'll see a blogger or may know someone who has a "thing." You know what I mean...they're a crocheter, she's super into homeschooling, he's really into diet and fitness, that blogger loves to contemplate life and take pretty pictures of their coffee with some homemade baked goods. That's not me. I don't have one "thing" I'm really into. I'm really into a bajillion different things and it makes for a difficult life sometimes (in a first world problem sort of way, of course). Haha. 

I found myself getting really upset about not having time to crochet because I really was into reading. Or not having time to be super mom making fun things for her child because I really wanted to scrapbook. Not having time to scrapbook because I really wanted to learn a new instrument/technique/craft/hobby. Not having time to work on making a fabulous garden because I'm diet tracking, and cooking, and attempting to exercise regularly. Not having time to exercise because I really want to sew Luna about 3 dresses - all in one day! And so on. (Oh, and throw on housekeeping and going to work in the mix.)

When I am interested in something I don't just want to learn a little bit and move on. I want to do it 100%. I will sit there and do it until I am good at it, all while daydreaming about 50 ways I can take (insert hobby here) to the next level. 

Where does this blog fit into all of this? Well, I missed blogging, but as I was (and still frequently) going through some sort of hobby/life/time crisis I kept myself away. It was one less time consuming thing to add to my super long list of things I'm doing.

So, I'm coming back as a trial run: Less pressure. Shorter posts. Aiming for 1 post a week. Don't feel the need to follow 100 different blogs and comment all the time to get traffic back here. Don't follow traffic stats. Don't let the blog consume more time then it needs to, just enjoy the process and make it part of my routine. (Step 2: Get a life routine. Lol.)

That being said....I'm VERY glad and excited to be back! Hope everyone is well! Now that the hardest re-introduction post is done, I'm gonna get to work on a life update post. Some moderate (and BIG) things have happened since we've last met. :)

-Mrs. 246


  1. Alex, I can totally relate! I like to do a million different things too, flitting around like a little hummingbird. I'm so happy you're finding peace with the things you love doing, and that there are many of them! I used to really be a perfectionist about everything (including the time issue), but over time that impulse got worn down (thank God!) Now my mantra is "If you're having fun, you're doing it right!" All of that is a very long-winded way to say welcome back! So glad you're blogging again!