Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 14}

Ahh, Monday. Weekly goal time again! I really had high hopes of completing most of my goals but I overestimated myself forgetting that I had to work 4 days this week. That's a lot when you usually only work 2-3. I just worked the past 3 days and I am beat. Hopefully I can get myself organized tonight to have another successful week. I actually didn't do too bad though. There are a couple I am quite proud of (like running!) so read on!

Weekly Goals Met

LAST WEEK' S GOALS: 11.75/16 met!

1. Do something nice for Mr. 246. Make his a surprise or do something nice for him. Look for opportunities to do so. Uh, I'm a bit embarrassed. This should have been an easy one but I'll admit...this didn't happen. The qualifications were to do something extra or special and I didn't really do anything like that. It's hard 'cause I worked 4 days this week which leaves me beat and quite behind on everything. He was the nice, supportive one this week. Not me. I'll do better next week!
2. Be more patient with Luna. When I'm in the middle of a block of chores, take more breaks for "Luna play time." I did make a conscious effort to do this and I was more patient in general. I would say I still need some work though.
3. Take Luna to the park at least twice. "SLIDES!" Done! I took her to the library park after story time on Thursday and took her to the state park to go hiking on Friday.
4. Cook dinner at least twice. I made crock pot pork chops and baked raviolis. I had to rack my brain for this time. I did come up with ideas for Mr. 246 to cook for the rest of the week! Does that count? He made chicken fajitas and Pizza-In-A-Pot and took us to Mongolian BBQ (which was all my ideas. Lol.)

5. Accomplish one new hairstyle. I recently came across this pin (26 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks). I really need to do something other than a ponytail. Wish me luck! FAILED. Ponytails all week. Except one day in which I french braided my hair, but the goal was to come up with a new hairstyle. Ooops. What does it mean if I'm too lazy to do lazy girl hairstyles? (Again, in my defense, I worked a lot this week and when you're up at 0530 it's just too early for anything other than rolling out of bed and drinking coffee on your ride to work.)
6. Paint my toenails! It's spring, which means flip flops. My toes are in need of some love. Lol. Yes! I did this! My toenails are a nice shiny purple. :D I also may have bought six new pairs of flip flops from Old Navy so it was a good thing.
7. Write in my new journal at least 3 days this week. (It's my new Project Life journal binder. It's so neat! They have them at select Michael's stores and sadly they're nearly impossible to find online. They also have a new Project Life planner binder set too!) Done! Even did some lists too. :D

8. Walk at least 28 miles. 32.6 miles! Success!
9. Run/jog at least once. (I have a jogging stroller coming Tuesday!) FOUR TIMES! I went running FOUR TIMES this past week! I am so proud of myself. I decided to start C25K and did the first week, which is only 3 days, but I wanted to run again so I did an extra day.
10. No fast food. No fast food was eating, but I did go out for Olive Garden yesterday for my dad's birthday and also had Mongolian BBQ on Thursday. They're not fast food so it doesn't count, right?
11. Track food at least 3 days this week. (I use MyFitnessPal. My name is Whistlefishy. Add me!) FAILED. I tracked one day. Ooops. I was mindful of serving sizes and kept a very general running tally in my head. We'll try better next week.
12. Drink more water. Done! I didn't do amazing everyday but all in all I think I consumed more water than normal. I especially made it a point to drink 2 glasses when I got up in the morning and one glass before bed.

13. Send out packages. (I have FIVE packages to send out this week. Sillyness!) Done! Well, except one. It's boxed up and ready to go but I'm waiting on the recipient to message me her address so I can send it.
14. Work on SIL birthday present AND send it out. Didn't happen. I underestimated my time this week and needed the proper night (AKA a night where I had lots of patience) to complete this project. Sorry Sara! I'm gonna work on it next week! :D
15. Relax and do some crochet on my new secret project. Lol. I actually got a fair amount of this done and it's looking awwwwweeeesome! I need more yarn but Joann's was out so I have to wait until their shipment comes in on Tuesday.
16. Do one week of PL. Ehh...I'm 75% done. Pictures are edited, printed out, cut, put in pockets. I just have to do the embellishments/journaling.


1. Plan and go on a family outing.
2. Do a craft of some sort with Lunabean.
3.One date night (most likely drinks and board games) with Mr. 246.
4. Cook dinner at least twice.

5. Schedule week and update planner.
6. Read new Oprah magazine (one of my favorite de-stressing activities.)
7. Write in my journal at least 3 days this week.

8. Walk at least 30 miles.
9. Complete C25K Week 2.
10. No fast food.
11. Track food at least 3 days this week. (I use MyFitnessPal. My name is Whistlefishy. Add me!).
12. Lose 1.5 lbs. (Gasp! Now I have to make it happen. I've declared it on the internet. Lol.)

13. Catch up with HP boards.
14. Work on SIL birthday present AND send it out.
15. Finish 1/3 of new crochet project.
16. Finish last week's PL and complete this week's PL.
17. Work on creating blogging schedule.
18. Create something with my new Silhouette Sketch Pens.

Eighteen goals. I know what you're thinking. That seems awfully lofty. Well, I only work one day this week so it shouldn't be too hard. We shall see! What's your biggest goal this week? Anyone succeeding at any fitness/weight goals? 

- Mrs. 246

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  1. I cannot believe how much you accomplished this week while working that many days! I am totally inspired! And I need to paint my toenails too;) I have a few more work projects than usual going on right now (and am more tired than usual, of course!), but I hope after I knock those out, I can get as much done in a week as you do!