Friday, March 28, 2014

Right Now

Right Now

I'm not sure if it is a trend now or what, but I have come across four different "this-is-what-I'm-up-to-right-now-in-my-life" type blog posts this week and I love it. I'm joining in on the fun. So, right now....

Right now I am...
reading // Lost Lake, The Little Prince
papercrafting // this week's PL, OLW March
crocheting // a baby blanket
crafting // a bag
listening // Indie Dance Pandora station
watching // Dance Moms and Kim of Queens (Did I just declare that publicly?)
craving // water and pizza, more outdoors
loving // my new PL kit, my new found motivation for being more active, spring weather
playing // Ticket to Ride with Mr. 246
wanting // not to work this weekend
hating // also hating the laundry, and my lack of time
thankful for // new jogging stroller

Right now Mr. 246 is...
reading // ABA textbook
playing // Bravely Default, Pokemon Battle Trozei, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
listening // Comedy Station on Pandora
looking forward to // Family outing
proud of // Doing well at school, getting 3 compliments at work today
wanting // Kindle Paperwhitehating // neverending laundry
craving // snacks, pizza
loving // 3DS XL, Ticket to Ride

Right now Luna is...
reading // Kitten's First Full Moon, Spot's Bus Trip,  Bob
playing // "house" in a large cardboard box in the living room, "slides" with the train set and lego set
watching // one episode of Dinotrain before bed
listening // Happy And You Know It, Twinkle Twinkle
saying // lots of three word sentences (Mommy sit here. Daddy sit here. Shoe fell off.) "Zeeepy Cup!"
commanding // the dog and who sits in what chairs
loving // SLIDES, her babies, sippy cups, two puppies, story time at the library
laughing // at the dog when he runs
kissing // mommy and daddy with big slobbery kisses
mastering // using utensils well

What have you been up to lately?

 -Mrs. 246

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