Thursday, March 13, 2014

Personalized Toddler Pillow!

Pillow 3

Remember that pillow that Luna and I just had to get yesterday? Well, here it is!

Luna's had a pillow in her crib for some time now. It was just a random throw pillow that she liked but I was thinking about it a day or two ago...she's actually been using a pillow recently and that, to me, meant it was time she had her very first pillow. We tried a couple up but ultimately decided on a really nice travel pillow. It is the perfect size for her and she loves it. (No action shots - my model was not cooperating whatsoever. Haha.)

We got the pillow at Target but they didn't sell any travel sized pillow covers. Weird, right? So I consulted my fabric stash, got to work, and got a little carried away.... (With such an easy project, a pillowcase, it's way too easy to snazz it up.)

Here's the front:
Pillow 4

And the back...

Pillow 5

Zig zag! Always a favorite to make things fun...

Pillow 6

I got a little carried away on zig-zaggin her name on as well. (At the end of this post you can find instructions on how to do the lettering/applique.)

Pillow 7

Another final look...I just love it. And I love the left over fabrics I had lying around. The paisley is from the pictured giraffe I made when Luna was a wee little thing (or maybe before she was born, I can't remember). I thought they looked darling together.

Thanks for looking!
- Mrs. 246


How to do the applique letters: 
  • Use a product similar to HeatNBondDraw the letters backwards on the smooth side of the HeatNBond. (To do this I just made the text to the proper size on my computer, reversed them, then traced it, right from the computer screen. You could also hand draw them as well if you're good at drawing letters backwards!) 
  • Iron the HeatNBond to your letter fabric (no steam!). 
  • Cut out the letters.
  •  Peel off the HeatNBond backing. 
  • Place letters onto your fabric where you want and iron them on. (Again, no steam!) 
  • Voila! Your letters are attached. 
You can either leave the letters plain at this point or sew around the edges to ensure that they will stay. Some HeatNBond type products say you don't have to do this but I've never tested it for durability. Plus, I like the way sewing over it looks.  Keep in mind there are different types of HeatNBond. The "Lite" version I linked to is sewable. If you're going to sew over it, make sure you're using the sewable kind otherwise your sewing machine will be quite upset with you.


  1. That is beautiful! I love it! And I know she will treasure it too:) I have been thinking of making a little blue and green quilt for the baby, and you are inspiring me!

    1. Thank you! She does love it! She's quite happy to have her very own designated pillow. It's cute. You should totally make a quilt for your baby. I made 2 little ones and a crocheted blanket for Luna when I was pregnant and I'm glad I did. There's just something special about making things for your baby while you're pregnant. You just get in the crafting zone and do your thing while day dreaming what everything's going to be like and what he/she will be like. :)