Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 13}

 Well, I found my first week of setting official, tell-the-whole-world goals very motivating in getting things done. In my blog (and all online interactions) I really strive to be authentic. There are some blogs (or Facebook friends, ect) where you get the feeling that what they're projecting online isn't really how they are in real life. This being said, I don't want to look lame not finishing what I've declared to the world that I'm going to acheive. And as easy as it would be, I don't want to lie and say I've done something I haven't. It was very motivating to actually work toward the goals I set and really gave me a sense of focus throughout the week. I think Weekly Goals are here to stay!

LAST WEEK' S GOALS: 10/14 met!

1. Have a drink and play a board game with Mr. 246 (Mini Date Night) Sure did! Saturday night we made too many daquiri's with our new Margarita maker AND played Ticket to Ride which we finally broke down and bought. Great game!
2. Take Luna to storytime on Tuesday  Then we went on the slides and had lots of fun!
3. Make Luna two "Color" activities.  This didn't get done. I have less crafting time during the week then I realized.

4. Read the Oprah Magazine I've been holding onto. (Make fun of me if you must, but I always find it very relaxing, motivating, and resetting.) Done! And read half of the next one!
5. Finish Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  Not so much time for reading either. I decided to read The Little Prince this week instead of finishing Daring Greatly but I really only got through a third of that book.

6. Walk at least 27 miles. (Tracking using my Fitbit!)  31.05 miles! I really didn't think I would make this goal but I killed it by four miles. I had two days this week where I went nuts and walked over 14,000 steps. I even ran one evening...because I felt like it. I blame it on PMS.
7. No fast food! Success! (Kind of.) Does Chipotle count as fast food? I'm not counting it because I stood in line for half an hour Friday night. Lol.
8. Make dinner myself at least twice. (Mr. 246 does most of the cooking.) Another success! I cooked these delicious pork chops. Seriously...they're amazing AND easy! And I also made some fancy stuffed peppers with a side of Spanish rice which was ALSO amazing.
9. Go on two bike rides. I only went on one. It's hard because I can't take Luna with me and a lot of time when Mr. 246 is home I feel guilty to be like, "Here! Watch Luna, I'm going on a bike ride. See ya!"

10. Finish scarf. It's done! I'll show you all soon, I promise.
11. Send out HPC prize packagesThis is halfway done. I've got everything collected but I have to pick up some flat rate boxes. Plus, I'm waiting on people to get back to me with addresses so I can actually send them. I send them PM's so they should be on their way.
12. Catch up on Project Life (finally!)  It's done!!!!!!!!!! After being behind since before Christmas, I am FINALLY caught up on PL. Hallelujah!
13. Start planning new banner.  "Yes,'s all up here." *Points to head* But seriously, I did pick up a couple things I need to complete it. And yes, I realize no one knows what I'm talking about but that's okay.
14. Make 2 "Shapes" set for a friend  Done! I'll have to show you guys what I'm talking about. It's just some simple activities that I made/printed to help Luna learn her shapes. My MIL requested I make some for a friend of hers who is raising her grandchildren. :)


A fresh new week...a fresh new set of goals:


1. Do something nice for Mr. 246. Make his a surprise or do something nice for him. Look for opportunities to do so.
2. Be more patient with Luna. When I'm in the middle of a block of chores, take more breaks for "Luna play time."
3. Take Luna to the park at least twice. "SLIDES!" 
4. Cook dinner at least twice.

5. Accomplish one new hairstyle. I recently came across this pin (26 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks). I really need to do something other than a ponytail. Wish me luck!
6. Paint my toenails! It's spring, which means flip flops. My toes are in need of some love. Lol.
7. Write in my new journal at least 3 days this week. (It's my new Project Life journal binder. It's so neat! They have them at select Michael's stores and sadly they're nearly impossible to find online. They also have a new Project Life planner binder set too!)

8. Walk at least 28 miles.
9. Run/jog at least once. (I have a jogging stroller coming Tuesday!)
10. No fast food.
11. Track food at least 3 days this week. (I use MyFitnessPal. My name is Whistlefishy. Add me!)
12. Drink more water.

13. Send out packages. (I have FIVE packages to send out this week. Sillyness!)
14. Work on SIL birthday present AND send it out.
15. Relax and do some crochet on my new secret project. Lol.
16. Do one week of PL.

Whew...16 goals! Can I do it?! What's your big goal for the week? How does everyone make time for what they want to accomplish?

- Mrs. 246


  1. Just wanted you to know, I think this weekly goals thing is a great idea. I also looked up that Fitbit thing. Now I want one! Planning on ordering one in a couple weeks once its starts getting nicer (aka not snowy) here. :)

    1. Thank you! The goals are really motivating. As for the FitBit...I never really wanted one before. I didn't see the point of using it instead of a regular pedometer...but then my husband got me one for Christmas and I LOVE it. I got this one: I love that it can sync to your smart phone and my favorite part: You can clip it to your bra and it works! It doesn't get in the way on your waistband and doesn't slide around or anything. (I'm like a commercial, right? Lol.) I hope weather starts clearing up for you soon! Good to hear from you again!

  2. Wow you got a lot done! And I'm glad you caved and bought Ticket to Ride - we've got two versions now and I love it - it's the best thing for sitting down and playing with my husband on a quiet evening!

    1. It's such a fun game!!! I'm really glad we got it too! We've wanted it forever. We love board games. Sadly we're limited to ones that you can play with 2 players because we have no friends. Lol. I'll have to check out the other versions too!

  3. Ah, this is so awesome! I cannot believe all you accomplished in one week! And I love the drinks and board game date night:) Totally impressed by your activity level too! My weekly goals are on our kitchen chalkboard right now, but the list keeps growing as more things need to be tackled. I am pretty good at knocking out the major things each day, but...I need a few more hours in the day! Don't we all? ;)

    1. I'm sure your to-do list will be super busy soon. Has your nesting kicked it yet? Lol. When I was pregnant I reorganized the our entire closet and bathroom closet complete with labels because I was convinced I would never have time to again once Luna was born. And I was kind of right...I haven't cleaned them out properly since. If you find out how to add a couple hours without losing sleep, let me know!