Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mom Friends

During our morning errands* today we stopped by the pet store. Every mom knows that going to the pet store is pretty much the equivalent of going to the zoo when you have a little one. They love it, it's free, it's easy. What's not to love?

I wasn't the only one with that idea today. While "meowing" at the kitties we met another mom and her little boy who is almost two. We tried to get the kids to talk to each other, Luna got protective over the stickers she had with her. I mentioned that Luna just started the whole "Mine!" business that toddlers seem to get into around this age.

We bonded over toddler-dom and again when I mentioned that we just adopted a pet rat, Harriet, about two weeks ago. She was thinking about getting a rat too! We talked for a good 15 minutes or so about how awesome rats are. (Harriet's already litter-box trained!) I think I may have even convinced her to get one for her little boy. Hooray for rats!


Okay, so what's the point of this whole story? We said our goodbyes and left in search of lunch and naptimes but I felt a bit sad afterward. I would have liked to make friends with that mom and her son. I could have had a decent person to have playdates and mom time with. Our children could have been friends!

How do you make "Mom Friends"? Do you ask for their phone number? Invite them somewhere? Awkwardly ask for their name so you can add them on Facebook? It's seriously as awkward as dating again. Maybe next time I'll be a bit more brave and just put myself out there.

What do you think? How do you guys make mom friends? Any good stories or input?

-Mrs. 246

*By morning errands, I really mean: Finding a silly reason to go to Target so we have a "purpose" for our morning. In today's case, it was really quite necessary that Luna get a new and proper pillow. It sounds more important when I say "errands" though, doesn't it?


  1. Soooo funny, we have a pet rat named Lucy!! We love her and she's so sweet! Please share pointers on litter box training!

  2. I didn't know you had a rat!

    Here's what I did for the litter training: her cage has 3 levels. For the first week, the whole bottom level was the bedding/CareFresh stuff. Rats tend to use only one corner so we figured out what corner she was using and the next week we took out ALL the bedding, put down fleece (that's what I use for the other levels of her cage too - you just have multiple cuts and switch them out and wash them), then got a good sized rectangular not-too-tall tupperware and filled it with the same bedding that was in there previously. Sometimes it can help to take some of the old "soiled" bedding and put a little of that in there so they get the idea.

    Now I just have to dump the litter box and occasionally switch out the fleece coverings. It's awesome! I always hated small pets because you had to clean the cages but once my husband told me you could litter box train them, I was sold.

    Oh, and it's easier to litter box train female rats so you're a step up already! Good luck!

    1. So awesome! Operation litter box training starts next week!! Glad I came back to see if you responded since I didn't get a response via email like always. I never thought in a million years I would own a rat but I this she is just the sweetest little thing! Her cage is three levels too. We must share pics via email. Lol

    2. Oh, and did you knit that cute little house? I want one if so and how much?!?

    3. Good luck with the litter box training!! It's so much easier when it comes to cleaning so I hope it works for you guys. As for the house, I did crochet it! I can make you one for $5 and shipping but it'll take me a week or two to get to it. I'm behind on my crafting. (I'm sure you know how that goes. Lol.)